What is Pitch?
Pitch is an AI that helps your fans learn your songs
How does it work?
It's an app. Your fan selects your song, sings along, and Pitch helps getting things right
And then what?
Your fan gets a score. Fans can compete on knowing your song better. Imagine that next live event!
Does it cost me?
Does it cost my fan?
Yes, we bill per song
What do I get?
Of what your fan pays, you get a bigger portion than us. Fair?
Any small print?
You must be indie and own your lyrics and composition. Your music should be something people like to sing along to or rap.
What if I'm signed with a label?
Drop us a line below and we will track you down through them. We are contracting with the majors and this takes a little time ;)
Pitch is proud to present: YOU!

Thanks for connecting, we'll get back ASAP...