How does it work?

It's an app, download it from the Apple App Store (search: pitch studio) or the Google Play Store (search: You choose a song and Pitch (or the artist, if you're lucky!) will teach you how to sing it. You go at your own pace, so there is no pressure. It's about learning and having fun at the same time (ha, who would have thought that was possible!) You get a score, and you can keep coming back and raise your score. You can Pitch at home, in your car while stuck in traffic (you don't need your eyes and hands, the coach speaks to you), while cooking dinner, walking the dogs.

Does it work on my music library?

We wish. It's VERY complicated to prep a song for coaching, several people work on each song for weeks. Also, the song owners (composer, songwriter, etc.) have to give us permission to use their stuff, we can't just play their music because we like it.

Does it cost?

Some songs are free so you can try the app (and we thank the artists who donated these songs!) Otherwise, you buy the songs + coaching that you want. A large part of what you pay goes to the artists who wrote and recorded the music.

If I buy a song, how many times can I try to learn it?

As many times as you want, for as long as you live.

Who is the coach?

Sometimes it's the artist her/himself. Cool, right? Other times it's our coach Pitch (she's an AI).

How did you build this?

We developed technology that shrinks the artists and puts them in your phone. Make sure to feed them once in a while ;-)

Do I need to use a headset?

Yes! Without the headset we hear your voice, the song playing, and all the noise around you - this combination is a mess! We need to understand what you sing to score you fairly. However, if you choose to sing without a headset we just won't score you.

Can I use my Bluetooth headset or AirPods?

Yes, but it's not as good as a wired headset. Try it with a wired headset, it's awesome.

Why can't I do this on my laptop?

Come on, music is supposed to MOVE you! Grab that phone and let's get your TikTok moves ready for prime time.

How does the scoring work?

Every line you get right is 100 points. If you miss words, we deduct points depending on how many words are in the line.

Do I get points for singing on tempo and good pitch?

Currently we score your ability to recall the lyrics. We are working on the melody aspect. For now, feel free to sing and try to hit the pitch but, if you fail, it won't count against your score.

I sang a line perfectly and got just 60 points! What's up with that?!

We developed AI to figure out what you sing. It's not perfect yet... We're working on it. Try that line again, sometimes we get it right the second time.

Can I post my score to my IG story?

We're working on it, almost there.

Can I give my friend a song as a birthday gift?

Sure, just give them an Apple or Google gift card.