Sing your song

Learn to sing a song you love.

From memory.

It will lift your spirits.

Pitch™ is a mobile app that uses AI to help you learn songs. Pitch talks to you like a human coach. Sometimes, the original performing artist will coach you.


Search the store for Pitch Studio

Work on several songs at the same time, Pitch will keep your score and remember where you left off.

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Jump around the song however you like, there is no "program" you have to follow.

Find songs you love and nail them.

Pitch coaches you using voice.

You don't have to look at the screen.

You can drive, fold laundry, or just do the drum thing.

Show off your song score on social media.

Every line you get right earns you 100 points.

Compete with your friends and family and show them who's boss!


These artists helped make Pitch become a reality.

Don't know their music? Let's fix that.

Get the app: search pitch studio.