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Do Pitch employees hear my singing?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

The bottom line

  • Pitch employees can NOT access your audio when you use the Pitch app. Your audio never leaves your phone, it always stays within the app. We don't transmit or store phone audio anywhere in our system.

The whole story

Pitch is a singing app. You use it with your voice. Because of this the app needs to access your phone's microphone. This can be scary - many companies take every chance they get to harvest your data.

We want to give you peace of mind and explain how we handle your phone's audio.

First off, your audio will never leave your phone. We don't store it on our servers, we don't send it to any third parties, and we don't stream it anywhere. Our employees actually have no way of hearing your audio because everything from your mic is used within the Pitch app, always staying on your phone.

Second, the app only pulls your mic audio in specific places. The app is NOT always listening! Here are the places the app listens and what the audio is used for:

  • When you sing so we can score you and create your recording mix (by the way these recording mixes stay on your phone, no one else can hear them but you).

  • When you tap the orange white button and give a command so the coach can carry out your request

  • When you answer a question that the coach asks like "Ready for the next part?" or "What's the missing word in this line?"

That's it! At all other times the app does not listen to your mic audio.

One last thing. If you ever delete your app (we'll be sad) the recording mixes are deleted too. They won't be sent or stored anywhere. Gone with the wind.

We take privacy very seriously here at Pitch. We're sure that your voice sounds great, but we will never hear it because that's your personal data. We have no interest in harvesting your data or your audio. We have no interest in selling it to third parties. Everything we do with your mic is to create a fun and rewarding coaching experience.

Oh and here's our privacy policy.



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