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How does scoring work?

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The bottom line

  • Song score (the number on top) is based on how many lyrics are sang correctly for each line.

  • Effort score (the number on bottom) goes up after singing each line – no matter what!

  • Pitch re-scores each attempt of a line and keeps your most recent score.

  • Headphones must be connected to get song scores.

The whole story

When you sing, Pitch knows how well you’re doing and gives a score. Right now the score is based off how many lyrics are sang correctly. We're working on other metrics like melody and tempo.

There are two types of scores Pitch gives:

Song score

This is the number in larger font on top. Each lyric line is worth a maximum of 100 points. If every word in the line is sang correctly you get 100 points. If any words are missed, your score for that line is equal to the number of correct words divided by the total number of words (multiplied by 100 to make it a percentage).

Let’s do an example! Check out the lyric line below. There are ten words in the line. You got eight words correct and missed two. Your score for this line will be 80 points i.e. (8/10) * 100.

Guess I took too long on my way back home

Careful! Pitch re-scores each attempt of a line. So if you sing a line, then rewind and sing it again, only the most recent score is kept.

*Note – Headphones must be connected to get song scores. Read more here.

Effort score

This is the number in smaller font on the bottom. Each time you sing a line the effort score goes up by 100 points – no matter what! Even when you rewind and sing lines again this score just keeps going up. Think of this as the “how much do you love this song” score.

Do I get anything for singing a high score?

Right now you get bragging rights to, you know, prove which of your friends really know the lyrics. Tap the share icon in the top right corner to show it off. But one day those points will turn into gold. We’re working on adding leaderboards and unlockable original content from the artists.


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