• Denis

Talking to Pitch

Updated: Nov 29

“Wait, so I talk to this app?”

Absolutely! Let’s talk about why and how.

Pitch is an AI that understands human language. Like most robots of her kind she understands spoken words. But she has another trick: understanding words that are sung. So Pitch can help you get the lyrics right, and answer a question you have.

In the app there are two ways you’ll talk to Pitch:

Ask something

If you need to ask Pitch something during a song just tap the big orange and white button. When you see this menu pop up it means Pitch is listening. There’s a lot of things Pitch can do like skip ahead, rewind, or teach the lyrics. For a full list of things you can ask click here.

You can totally be yourself around Pitch. Go ahead and speak in full sentences if you want. For example you don’t have to just say “rewind”. You can also say things like “hey Pitch can you rewind the song to the beginning?”

Answer a question

Sometimes Pitch will ask you a question like, “Do you want to start from the beginning?” or “Do you know this song?”. Feel free to answer these like talking to a friend. Sure you can say “yes” or “no”. But you can also say things like “yeah sure” or “no not really”.