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Pitch is an AI startup based in Los Angeles. 


We are a bunch of techies and music people who want to make music fans feel good. We want YOU to feel accomplished, successful.

We found some research showing that people who memorize songs do better at school. And they do better at work too, so they get promoted, so they get paid more. For real.

So the brain is like a muscle, you train it and it works better?

Looks like it...

And all it takes to train it is to... sing songs from memory? That's it?

Looks like it...

We also discovered that people who sing are more relaxed, cool, self-confident, healthy, and happy.

It has to do with good chemicals your body releases when you sing.

So you see what's going on here... Learn some songs, sing them to yourself while you're stuck in traffic, then get a raise, higher self-confidence, and more happy feelings. Nice!

All the singing apps out there are either for pros or people training to becoming singers. We wanted something for normal people like us :) Who sing in the car/shower/home or just with friends and family.

Thank you for trying Pitch.


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