Pitch is an AI startup based in Los Angeles.

We are a bunch of techies and music people who want to make music fans feel good.

We found some research showing that people who memorize songs do better at school. Wait: and at work, so they get promoted and get paid more. For real. We found this in scientific papers.

We also found out that people who sing are more relaxed, cool, self-confident, healthy, and happy.

We found a research paper proving that people who are self-confident make more money and are more attractive to the other sex. Somebody actually got a PhD for figuring this out. Well played.

We noticed that all the singing apps out there are either for pros and wannabes or for the show-offs who share on SM every time they successfully use the bathroom. We wanted something for normal people like us :) who sing in the car/shower/home or just with friends and family.

THANK YOU for trying Pitch. Please let us know below if we need to fix/add something.

Hey there Pitchers, I wanted to say that...