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What is Pitch? What do I get for buying a song?

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The bottom line

  • A guided coaching session led by the artist.

  • An extremely fun way to sing and learn the song. The coach adapts to your level and is interactive. Play games, rack up points, and hear how you sound.

  • The coaching session doesn't expire. You can do it as many times as you want.

The whole story

Pitch is a place where artists teach you their songs. You sing, the app listens, and a coach (the artist) helps you perfect it. You don't need your eyes and hands, the coach speaks to you. So you can Pitch at home, stuck in traffic, or while walking the dogs.

Each song comes with a guided coaching session led by the recording artist. The coaching adapts to your personal needs. If you’ve heard the song 100 times already – you’ll go straight to singing and the coach will chime in with some feedback. If the song is still new – the coach will start things slow and teach you the lyrics first.

Once you have the lyrics down you'll start singing and earn points for correct lyrics. As you improve the score goes up and up.

Along the way the coach will lead you through memory games and singing challenges. They'll even show you a mix of your voice along with the original song.

Your session is interactive. You can talk to the coach and they talk back. Ask to slow things down, skip straight to the chorus, or redo your favorite part. For a full list of things your coach can do click here.

This coaching session doesn’t expire. You can practice the song, get feedback from the coach, and earn more points as many times as you want.

Note: Most songs are coached by the artist. There are some that aren't - these ones are led by our in-house coach named Pitch. Look for this icon. Any song with this means it's coached by the artist.


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