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Yes, it's FREE to try!

You don't need to pay to try Pitch. We understand Pitch is new, something you've never tried before, and you want to know what you get before you pay.

Also we don't think it's cool to charge you a monthly fee and hope that you forget. We don't like it when people do that to us. So there's no "plan" here. You buy what you want, when you want it. No tricks, no cheats.

Why do songs cost money?

We buy these songs from the people who own them (music labels like Universal Music and Sony Music). When you buy a song coaching on Pitch, we must pay those people, it's just fair (they pay the performing artist, the songwriter, the studio engineer, the drummer, etc.)

How much does my artist get?

Honestly, we don't know. All we can tell you (without getting sued...) is that the music companies (and the artists) get most of your money. The rest goes to the app store (Apple or Google) and to us, so we can keep developing and operating this (expensive) tech.

Indie artists get a lot more, because there is no music label involved. When you buy a song to support your indie artist, more than half of it goes to him/her.

Where can I see the cost?

Tap on magnifying glass. It will take you to our Music Discovery screen, where you can look at our music library. Every song has a cost, and that's the only thing you pay (no monthly plans.)

What does TRY IT mean?

It means that the music label or the artist who owns this song agreed to give us permission to let you try the app with free access.

We get different deals from different people.

Major music labels give us 5 free trials of 30 seconds each for every user. After that you need to pay. If you run out of free trials from label X, you may still have free trials from label Y. Pitch keeps track of that and tries to give you all the free trials possible.

Most indie artists don't limit us, you can try their music as many times as you want. Those songs will forever show TRY IT, and ask for payment once you reach the limit that the artist gave us.

What does SING IT mean?

You already bought this song and you can use it whenever you want for the rest of your life. It's yours.

What does FREE mean?

It's a song that an indie artist agreed to give us for free. It's yours forever and you don't need to pay. Cool, right?

What does $3.99 mean?

You've ran out of free trials with this music label and you have to pay to get the song. Different songs have different prices.



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